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Social & Emotional

Discover the key milestones of physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-affective child development and understand the science behind child development.

Discover the key milestones of physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-affective child development and understand the science behind child development.

mom holding her baby on her lap
Scientific Edge

What traits do children inherit before birth?

Key points: 1. Learning begins in the womb; babies recognize their mother’s voice, learn language patterns, and taste flavors from maternal diet. 2….

mom hugging smiling baby
Scientific Edge

Your brain and motherhood

Key points: 1. Motherhood brings significant neurological changes, enhancing emotional bonding and sensory perception, particularly in smell and sound. 2. The brain adapts…

Older sister takes care of younger sister after she fell from her bike
Social & Emotional

How to teach good manners at home

Key points: 1. Fostering sensitivity in your child promotes good manners and respect. 2. Demonstrate good manners through your actions to set an…

mother lifting her baby over her head
Scientific Edge

What is conscious parenting?

Key points: 1. Conscious parenting involves introspection and mindfulness, recognizing how our reactions are linked to our own past experiences. 2. Parents shape…

two siblings hugging and laughing
Social & Emotional

How to raise caring children

Key Points: Strive to develop loving relationships with your children to make them more receptive to what parents teach them. Be a strong…

dad carrying his son on his shoulders
Social & Emotional

Why being a dad is completely awesome!

Being a dad is awesome! And although those first few days (or months) were a bit hard, you always knew that everything was…

baby smiles when mom kissed him
Scientific Edge

Why is love important?

Key points: 1. Love and stability during early childhood are crucial for managing stress and shaping a child’s future. 2. The frontal lobe,…

little girl with closed eyes and open arms
Scientific Edge

How can I raise emotionally intelligent children?

Key points: Children need to develop emotional intelligence to manage their emotions, just like adults. Young children who participate in social-emotional skills programs…

mom giving a eskimo kiss to her new born
Social & Emotional

Why being a mom is completely awesome!

As a mother, you probably know all the struggles that parents face, but the truth is that, despite all the chaos the day…

brother playing with his new sibling
Social & Emotional

How to prepare my child for a new sibling

Key points: 1. Inform your older child about your pregnancy early on, ensuring they hear it from you. 2. Address significant changes in…

kids playing in a room practicing their social skills
Social & Emotional

How to develop a baby’s social skills

Key Points: Developing social skills is important for babies, as positive relationships with others can help them develop empathy, trust, and compassion. Babies…

Mom reading to her baby to help them with separation anxiety
Social & Emotional

How to work on separation anxiety

Key points: 1. Most babies experience separation anxiety around their first birthday, a natural part of early childhood. 2. Babies develop object permanence…

Scientific Edge

Can early experiences impact genes?

Key points: The brain is particularly responsive and malleable to experiences and the environment we live in during the early years, which affects…

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