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Tag: Cognitive area


little boy building a structure

How to foster STEM skills?

Key points: Babies are natural scientists from birth. Engage in repetitive play to teach concepts like gravity. Foster STEM skills…

little boy holding a book over his head

What is working memory?

Key points: Working memory is important for short-term mental tasks and allows us to hold information in our minds. The…

toddler playing with toy cars

My 3-year-old’s attention skills

Key points:1. Attention skills involve three cognitive networks: alerting, orienting, and executive control.2. Alerting is staying sensitive to information, orienting…

little girl reading with her mom

Storing and recalling memories

Key points:1. Between 36-48 months, preschoolers work hard to develop memory skills, recalling songs, stories, and more.2. Memory development begins…

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