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Tag: Cognitive area


two little girls playing with colorful toys

The importance of conceptual reasoning skills

Key points: Preschoolers undergo significant cognitive changes, reaching a stage of enhanced mobility, emotional independence, and increased vocabulary. Developing conceptual…

parents and baby playing with toy instruments

How does music benefit your toddler?

Key points: 1. Music is vital for a toddler’s development, enhancing cognitive, social, and emotional skills. 2. Exposing toddlers to…

bashful toddler

Is your baby bashful?

Key points: Introverted and bashful children are often confused, but they are different. Bashful children want to socialize but find…

little boy playing with a plane toy

What are the benefits of boredom?

Key points: Allowing children to experience boredom can be beneficial for their development as it encourages self-reliance and motivation. Parents…

twin sisters sitting barefoot by the water

Why barefoot is best for babies?

Key points: Allowing children to go barefoot outdoors offers numerous benefits, despite concerns about injuries or illnesses. Foot injuries are…

little boy wearing a helmet and climbing harness

Why is playing special?

Key points: Play is fun, voluntary, and teaches adaptability through patterns of repetition and variation. It allows children to explore…

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