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Tag: emotional intelligence


parents chasing after their baby

Tips for our spirited toddlers

1. Run ‘em out Spirited toddlers have more energy to burn and when they are able to release that extra…

Happy father with his 3 daughters

Tips for new fathers

Science-based insights from Kinedu’s Chief Executive Dad. Key points: Active fatherhood during the first 1,000 days of a child’s life…

parents reading a book to their baby

How to raise race-conscious children?

Key points: Expose children to diverse viewpoints, people, and stories to foster empathy and open-mindedness. Addressing race is crucial for…

Paloma playing with her son, Francisco

What does Mother’s Day mean this year?

Key points: Motherhood goes beyond being just a mom, especially during challenging times. Coping strategies include embracing creativity, bonding through…

two toddlers singing happily

How to sing with a toddler

Key points: Socioemotional benefits: Singing is a shared activity that builds social skills, regulates emotions, and models self-care. Physical, cognitive,…

mother reading with her little girl

5 love books for children

Key points:Book recommendations for Valentine’s Day: Todd Parr’s “”The I Love You Book.”” Anna Dewdney’s “”Llama Llama I Love You.””…

dad and daughter hugging

The power of positive communication

Key points: Positive communication with children is fundamental for their development, building their confidence, resilience, and grit, and providing them…

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