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Discover the key milestones of physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-affective child development and understand the science behind child development.

Discover the key milestones of physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-affective child development and understand the science behind child development.

little boy dressed up as a king

Dressing up for pretend play 

Key points: Dress-up play enhances brain development in children and fosters cognitive abilities, neural connections, and executive functions. Dressing up as a superhero…

father and son playing to shave

How do babies learn during these first years?

Key points: Early childhood is a crucial stage for building the foundation of core capabilities. Babies learn through interaction and practice, with imitation…

curiosity and learning: little boy playing with flowers outdoors

What is curiosity in children?

Children are born curious and as they grow their curiosity and learning grow with them. Curiosity has been characterized as the joy of…

mom showing a blue teddy bear to her baby
Child Development

Early childhood: Learning through play

Playing is nature’s own formula for learning.  Playful interaction is fundamental for the healthy development of your baby and toddler and it’s the…

father and baby boy playing with blocks i

Your child’s executive functioning skills

Key points: Trillions of connections made in a child’s brain during their first years are crucial to their early wiring and pruning process,…

mom lying on the floor with her daughter

How can you help your little one thrive?

Key points: Harvard’s Center on the Developing Child has identified three key principles for giving children the best chance to reach their potential:…

parents and little girl playing music with kitchen utensils

How to foster your child’s musical skills at home 

Key points: Turning your home into a musical environment positively influences a child’s cognitive, physical, linguistic, and social-emotional development. Experiment with various genres…

mother hugging her sleeping baby

How music helps your premature baby

Key points:1. Music therapy can have significant positive effects on premature babies’ health and development.2. Music reduces stress levels and increases the production…

little girl holding a toy guitar

Why is music beneficial for child development?

Key points:1. Music contributes to creating brain connections, enhancing cognitive development and communication skills in children.2. Music affects memory retrieval even in babies…

toddlers learning numbers and letters

How to teach number concepts to my child?

Key points: Mathematical concepts in young children develop through their daily play experiences. Around age two, children start distinguishing between small and big…

baby boy an father playing with toy cars

How can I teach my child problem-solving skills?

Key points: Children of all ages face problems and challenges. Teaching problem-solving involves four roles: observer, supporter, facilitator, and model. Encourage balanced and…

two siblings riding scooters

What is children’s theory of mind?

Key points: 1. Theory of mind is the ability to understand that others have their own thoughts, beliefs, and desires. 2. Younger children…