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Child Development

Discover the key milestones of physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-affective child development and understand the science behind child development.

Discover the key milestones of physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-affective child development and understand the science behind child development.

little girl with mask lifts imaginary weights
Scientific Edge

What is grit and why is it important?

Key points: Grit, a trait defined by determination and perseverance, plays a crucial role in success. Grit can be taught and developed, even…

little boy dressed as a superhero with mom who boosts her kid's creativity

5 tips to boost your child’s creativity

Key Points: Creativity goes beyond choosing colors. It involves problem-solving, critical thinking, and applying knowledge. Creativity is ageless and can be acquired and…

dad carrying his son on his shoulders
Social & Emotional

Why being a dad is completely awesome!

Being a dad is awesome! And although those first few days (or months) were a bit hard, you always knew that everything was…

baby smiles when mom kissed him
Scientific Edge

Why is love important?

Key points: 1. Love and stability during early childhood are crucial for managing stress and shaping a child’s future. 2. The frontal lobe,…

baby on his tummy staring at the camera

How do babies learn?

Key Points: MIT Early Childhood Cognition Lab lead investigator, Laura Schulz, studies early childhood learning and how it fundamentally relates to human cognition….

baby crawling
Key Milestones

When should babies crawl?

Key Points: Crawling is an exciting and important developmental milestone for babies, typically occurring between seven and nine months of age. There is…

little girl with closed eyes and open arms
Scientific Edge

How can I raise emotionally intelligent children?

Key points: Children need to develop emotional intelligence to manage their emotions, just like adults. Young children who participate in social-emotional skills programs…

mom giving a eskimo kiss to her new born
Social & Emotional

Why being a mom is completely awesome!

As a mother, you probably know all the struggles that parents face, but the truth is that, despite all the chaos the day…

mother and little girl reading a children's book

How to choose the right books for your baby

Key Points: Reading with your baby can significantly improve their language skills and strengthen the emotional bond between parent and child. Reading to…

baby staring curiously at something

How to encourage curiosity in kids

Key points: Babies are born with an innate curiosity to explore and learn. Cultivating curiosity is critical to lifelong learning and motivation to…

baby girl learning to walk
Key Milestones

When do babies learn to walk?

Key Points: Learning to walk is a major physical milestone for babies and typically occurs between nine and 15 months of age. Babies…

mom reading with her 1-year-old child

How to read with a 1-year-old

Key points: Start reading with your baby early, making it a daily habit. Respect your baby’s preferences; don’t force reading if they resist….

brother playing with his new sibling
Social & Emotional

How to prepare my child for a new sibling

Key points: 1. Inform your older child about your pregnancy early on, ensuring they hear it from you. 2. Address significant changes in…

baby boy solving a peg puzzle

How to boost math-related skills

Key points: Research has shown that children who play with puzzles, building blocks, and board games tend to have better spatial reasoning ability….

mom and baby reading a book

When to start reading to a baby

Key points: 1. Reading daily fosters a strong parent-child bond and prepares children for kindergarten. 2. Babies, even very young ones, absorb information…

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