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Child Development

Discover the key milestones of physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-affective child development and understand the science behind child development.

Discover the key milestones of physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-affective child development and understand the science behind child development.

baby having a nap
Scientific Edge

Benefits of naps in memory and learning

Key points: 1. Naps are crucial for babies’ development and learning. 2. Lack of sleep affects mood, attentiveness, and growth. 3. Research shows…

little book playing with giant book

How to raise a reader

Key points: 1. Reading for pleasure boosts literacy skills, vocabulary, self-confidence, and knowledge in children. 2. Reading books to your child is crucial…

kids playing in a room practicing their social skills
Social & Emotional

How to develop a baby’s social skills

Key Points: Developing social skills is important for babies, as positive relationships with others can help them develop empathy, trust, and compassion. Babies…

Mom reading to her baby to help them with separation anxiety
Social & Emotional

How to work on separation anxiety

Key points: 1. Most babies experience separation anxiety around their first birthday, a natural part of early childhood. 2. Babies develop object permanence…

Scientific Edge

Can early experiences impact genes?

Key points: The brain is particularly responsive and malleable to experiences and the environment we live in during the early years, which affects…

mom and daughter reading a book that teach self-control

2 books recommendations about self-control

Key points: 1. Reading to your child daily is highly beneficial for their brain, language, social skills, and self-control. 2. Books help children…

baby boy laughing with mom
Scientific Edge

Raising a happy child

Key points: Happiness can be defined in three ways: emotional, moral, and judgmental. Relationships with other people, particularly friendships, are a big predictor…

Mom and son reading and smiling

How to teach emotional intelligence

Key points: 1. Books are effective tools to help children identify and understand different emotions. 2. Babies are born with various emotions, and…

boy wearing a superhero costume
Scientific Edge

How to raise resilient kids

Key points: Resilience is a key skill that parents should foster in their children. Resilience is the ability to adapt well to adversity,…

mom and son reading a children's book

What are the benefits of reading to babies?

Key points: 1. Reading aloud with children has numerous benefits for brain development, language skills, and social skills. 2. Daily reading builds a…

little girl staring happily at some home-made cookies
Scientific Edge

How to teach self-control to your child

Key points: Developing self-control in children is important for their overall success in life. The development of self-control during the early years can…

brother and sister playing under a fort of blankets

Why is imaginative play important?

Key points: Play is a key component in a child’s development, allowing them to develop imagination, cognitive skills, physical agility, and emotional strength….

mom claps while little girl shows a drawing
Scientific Edge

How to praise your child

Key points: Praising children can strongly influence their self-esteem, intelligence, and disposition to take on challenges. Certain types of praise, such as praising…

Mom and little girl playing with wooden blocks

What is executive functioning?

Key points: Early experiences profoundly shape the developing brain and lay the foundation for complex skills. Executive function skills, like multitasking and self-control,…


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 If you’re a Tech Mom, you surely find yourself looking for new apps that will help you make your life easier! Here are some apps that…

baby boy playing with a toy drum
Key Milestones

Auditory development in early childhood

Key points: Babies have an excellent sense of hearing from the 16th week of pregnancy. Auditory skills like localization develop early; infants react…

baby girl on her tummy
Key Milestones

Motor development in early childhood

Key points: Motor skills help your baby complete tasks and explore independently. Motor development is a subdomain of Physical development in children. Opportunities…