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Discover the key milestones of physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-affective child development and understand the science behind child development.

Discover the key milestones of physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-affective child development and understand the science behind child development.

little boy running

Ready? Let’s run!

In the physical developmental area, there are a few skills that your little one will master soon. If we focus on gross motor…

baby staring and touching a soft toy

Sight and attention

In our fast-paced environment, it keeps getting harder to accomplish longer attention spans. Kids at school or even us at our jobs have…

little girl drawing

Drawing and literacy

Drawing is a huge accomplishment for your little one. Plus, there are plenty of skills fostered by drawing, like holding crayons, scribbling, and…

little girl brushing her teeth

Hand coordination: 36-48 months

You’ve watched your child go from uncontrolled hand movements to bringing objects to the middle part of their body, and from picking up…

toddler solving a peg puzzle

Hand coordination: 24-36 months

As days go by, your little one is not so little anymore! You will bear witness to some great accomplishments and watch them…

little boy washing his hands

Hand coordination: 12-24 months

You have been working hard with your little one and now we need to step up! Their fine motor skills still have a…

baby holding his baby bottle

Hand coordination: 0-12 months

In this article, we’ll focus on talking about your child’s hand-eye coordination during the first year of age. This progress will take your…

father helping his baby girl sit by herself

Head control: 5-6 months

Accomplishing head control is the foundation for many of your baby’s next milestones, like sitting up, rolling over, crawling, and eating solids. By…

baby holding her head at 3 months old

Head control: 3-4 months

Today we’ll briefly explain baby head control at 3 and 4 months. Keep reading to learn the basics. After the first couple of…

mom holding her baby to her chest while lying down on bed

Head control: 1-2 months

After the first month, your baby will start turning their head and lifting it for a few seconds. They may raise their head…

newborn yawning

Head control: Newborns

When your baby comes into the world, they seem like such a delicate tiny person. Holding them is the most beautiful feeling, but…

mom leaning her baby on a yoga ball

Your baby’s posture and muscles

We have already discussed the importance of muscle development and how it can influence your baby’s physical milestones. Today we decided to give…

baby on his tummy playing with a ball

Muscle development in your baby

When you hear the term “muscle tone”, what do you think about? You might imagine yourself finally having the time to go to…

little girl walking while holding a plastic bucket

Holding objects during first steps

Having the chance to witness your little one’s first steps is an amazing experience! We’ve previously talked about the importance of reaching certain…

little girl in a cape jumping to her mom's arms

Becoming a jumping master

We know that physical activity has become an important part of your daily routine with your little one, and that there are many…

baby jumping on a trampoline

Jumping… It’s easy, right?

While jumping seems easy and doesn’t require much effort for us, it is a significant task for your little one to perform. It…

baby girl learning to walk holding her parent's hands
Key Milestones

The road to walking

Every parent looks forward to their child’s first steps. It is a very exciting and important milestone! However, skilled walking is not something…

baby with clenched fists
Key Milestones

Why does my baby have clenched fists?

It’s amazing how fast babies learn and achieve new things! In the motor development area, you’ll see that your child will reach certain…

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