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Discover the key milestones of physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-affective child development and understand the science behind child development.

Discover the key milestones of physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-affective child development and understand the science behind child development.

little boy running

Helping Your Child Running

Key points: Running is a significant gross motor skill development milestone between 18-36 months. Encourage activities that improve balance and spatial skills. Active…

baby staring and touching a soft toy

Your child’s sight and attention

Key points: Visual attention is a crucial skill for cognitive development and longer attention spans. It begins to develop during the first few…

little girl brushing her teeth

Hand coordination: 36-48 months

Key points: Children around the age of four develop increased control over their fine motor skills, including hand coordination and using utensils. Development…

toddler solving a peg puzzle

Hand coordination: 24-36 months

Key points: Children around the age of three develop increased muscle movement control, including hand coordination. Development milestones for this age group include…

little boy washing his hands

Hand coordination: 12-24 months

Key points: During the second year of a child’s life, their fine motor skills are still developing and new activities can be introduced…

baby holding his baby bottle

Hand coordination: 0-12 months

Key points: The first year of a child’s life is a period of rapid physical development, including the development and refinement of fine…

father helping his baby girl sit by herself

Head control: 5-6 months

Key points: Head control is the foundation for many of your baby’s next milestones and can be fostered through fun activities. Activities can…

baby holding her head at 3 months old

Head control: 3-4 months

Key points: At 3-4 months old, babies will have more control over their head and be able to hold it aligned with their…

mom holding her baby to her chest while lying down on bed

Head control: 1-2 months

Key points: Babies develop head control and muscle tone during their first few months of life. Tummy time is the most recommended activity…

baby on his tummy playing with a ball

Baby’s muscle development

Key points: Muscle tone is an important factor in a baby’s physical development and affects milestones like sitting, standing, and walking. Babies have…

little girl in a cape jumping to her mom's arms

How to help your child become a jumping master

Key points: Jumping is an important gross motor skill that children can develop through different activities that focus on muscle strength, balance, proprioception,…

baby jumping on a trampoline

Jumping… It’s easy, right?

Key points: Jumping is a significant task for toddlers that requires courage, balance, strength, and body coordination. Toddlers typically start testing their ability…

baby girl learning to walk holding her parent's hands
Key Milestones

When do babies learn to walk?

Key points: Walking is a major developmental milestone for a child. Preceding walking, skills like supine kicking and pulling up are crucial. Walking…

baby with clenched fists
Key Milestones

When do babies stop clenching their fists?

Key points: Newborns have natural survival reflexes and limited control over their movements. Babies initially keep their hands clenched in fists, a reflex…