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Tag: Adaptability


baby eating wih the baby-led weaning method

How to start baby led weaning?

Key points: BLW allows babies to self-feed with finger foods. Start BLW at six months, focusing on soft and foods…

bashful toddler

Is your baby bashful?

Key points: Introverted and bashful children are often confused, but they are different. Bashful children want to socialize but find…

twin sisters sitting barefoot by the water

Why barefoot is best for babies?

Key points: Allowing children to go barefoot outdoors offers numerous benefits, despite concerns about injuries or illnesses. Foot injuries are…

mom hugging smiling baby

Your brain and motherhood

Key points: 1. Motherhood brings significant neurological changes, enhancing emotional bonding and sensory perception, particularly in smell and sound. 2….

Older sister takes care of younger sister after she fell from her bike

How to teach good manners at home

Key points: 1. Fostering sensitivity in your child promotes good manners and respect. 2. Demonstrate good manners through your actions…

little girl smiling while eating her food

Healthy eating for picky eaters

Key points: 1. Picky eating is common in children and can be frustrating for parents. 2. Factors like pressure, temperament,…

mother lifting her baby over her head

What is conscious parenting?

Key points: 1. Conscious parenting involves introspection and mindfulness, recognizing how our reactions are linked to our own past experiences….

Mom and little girl playing with wooden blocks

What is executive functioning?

Key points: Early experiences profoundly shape the developing brain and lay the foundation for complex skills. Executive function skills, like…

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