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Tag: Discovery


baby eating wih the baby-led weaning method

How to start baby led weaning?

Key points: BLW allows babies to self-feed with finger foods. Start BLW at six months, focusing on soft and foods…

little boy building a structure

How to foster STEM skills?

Key points: Babies are natural scientists from birth. Engage in repetitive play to teach concepts like gravity. Foster STEM skills…

little girl having a tantrum

How to discipline a child?

Key points: Shifting from power-based discipline to collaboration can be a more effective way for parents to influence their children’s…

twin sisters sitting barefoot by the water

Why barefoot is best for babies?

Key points: Allowing children to go barefoot outdoors offers numerous benefits, despite concerns about injuries or illnesses. Foot injuries are…

little boy wearing a helmet and climbing harness

Why is playing special?

Key points: Play is fun, voluntary, and teaches adaptability through patterns of repetition and variation. It allows children to explore…

little girl and mom playing with boxes

What are open-ended toys?

Key points: 1. Open-ended toys, like cardboard boxes, offer endless possibilities for imaginative play. 2. Children use their senses and…

little girl laughing and playing with water

How to raise a happy child

Key points: 1. Cultivate happiness in children through play, effort recognition, traditions, emotional expression, embracing failure, avoiding comparisons, and offer…

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