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Tag: Crawling


baby girl standing up while holding her father's hands

What makes your little one walk?

Key points:1. Learning to walk typically takes around 12 months, as many skills and muscles need to develop first.2. Strong…

baby standing up and supporting himself on a stool

When do babies stand up? – Part 2

Key points:1. Your baby can stand while holding onto objects between 10-12 months.2. They’ll briefly stand with your help, enhancing…

baby girl learning to walk holding her parent's hands

When do babies learn to walk?

Key points: Walking is a major developmental milestone for a child. Preceding walking, skills like supine kicking and pulling up…

mom helping her baby walk towards her father

How does child development occur?

Key points: Development is not a linear process, but rather a complex and multifaceted journey. Early childhood development is domain-specific,…

child's independence: baby playing alone with a toy

How to encourage independent play

Key points:1. Play is vital for a child’s development, helping them learn, build relationships, and develop essential life skills.2. Toddlers…

little boy playing hopscotch

From big to small muscles

Key points: Physical development includes gross and fine motor skills, involving large and small muscle movements. Milestones like crawling and…

baby learning to crawl

At what age do babies crawl?

Key points: Crawling usually occurs between 8-10 months, but the window for crawling can start around 6 months. Look for…

baby crawling backwards

Why is my baby crawling backwards?

Key points: Babies may crawl backward before they crawl forward during their learning process. Crawling develops between 6 to 10…

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