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Tag: Early movements and coordination


when do babies roll over

When Do Babies Roll Over?

Want to know when babies roll over and how to help your little one get there? Here are some activities!…

motor milestones: boy kicking a ball

Motor milestones: Kicking a ball

Each of your child’s new accomplishments will be a reason for celebration! Just as you were delighted when they managed…

baby inside a present box

Math skills 0-12 months

From day one, your baby started interacting with their environment. As they do this, they will use math concepts to…

baby holding his baby bottle

Hand coordination: 0-12 months

In this article, we’ll focus on talking about your child’s hand-eye coordination during the first year of age. This progress…

father helping his baby girl sit by herself

Head control: 5-6 months

Accomplishing head control is the foundation for many of your baby’s next milestones, like sitting up, rolling over, crawling, and…

baby holding her head at 3 months old

Head control: 3-4 months

Today we’ll briefly explain baby head control at 3 and 4 months. Keep reading to learn the basics. After the…

mom holding her baby to her chest while lying down on bed

Head control: 1-2 months

After the first month, your baby will start turning their head and lifting it for a few seconds. They may…

newborn yawning

Head control: Newborns

When your baby comes into the world, they seem like such a delicate tiny person. Holding them is the most…

mom leaning her baby on a yoga ball

Your baby’s posture and muscles

We have already discussed the importance of muscle development and how it can influence your baby’s physical milestones. Today we…

baby on his tummy playing with a ball

Muscle development in your baby

When you hear the term “muscle tone”, what do you think about? You might imagine yourself finally having the time…

little girl walking while holding a plastic bucket

Holding objects during first steps

Having the chance to witness your little one’s first steps is an amazing experience! We’ve previously talked about the importance…

little boy playing hopscotch

From big to small muscles

Your little one’s physical development is divided in gross and fine motor skills. The first involves big muscles and large…

baby girl watching the camera between her legs

What is “movement play”?

Key points: 1. Movement play is crucial for early childhood development, impacting physical, linguistic, social-emotional, and cognitive areas. 2. Movement…

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