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baby staring curiously at something

How to encourage curiosity in kids

Key points: Babies are born with an innate curiosity to explore and learn. Cultivating curiosity is critical to lifelong learning…

mom reading with her 1-year-old child

How to read with a 1-year-old

Key points: Start reading with your baby early, making it a daily habit. Respect your baby’s preferences; don’t force reading…

baby boy solving a peg puzzle

How to boost math-related skills

Key points: Research has shown that children who play with puzzles, building blocks, and board games tend to have better…

potty training activities

Potty training activities

Key points: 1. Use a potty chart with stickers to reinforce successful toilet use and encourage good habits. 2. Add…

little boy sitting on potty

How to potty train your little one?

Key points: 1. Plan ahead before beginning potty training, and consider methods that match your child’s readiness. 2. Child-centered approach…

little book playing with giant book

How to raise a reader

Key points: 1. Reading for pleasure boosts literacy skills, vocabulary, self-confidence, and knowledge in children. 2. Reading books to your…

baby boy laughing with mom

Raising a happy child

Key points: Happiness can be defined in three ways: emotional, moral, and judgmental. Relationships with other people, particularly friendships, are…

baby boy and mom solving a peg puzzle

Kinedu 101

Welcome! In this guide you’ll find everything you need to know about Kinedu! Activity Plan: Your activity plan is your…

boy wearing a superhero costume

How to raise resilient kids

Key points: Resilience is a key skill that parents should foster in their children. Resilience is the ability to adapt…

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