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Tag: 25-36 months


baby jumping on a trampoline

Jumping… It’s easy, right?

Key points: Jumping is a significant task for toddlers that requires courage, balance, strength, and body coordination. Toddlers typically start…

fun activities to help with pronunciation

8 activities to improve pronunciation

Key points: Language development begins early and involves mastering sounds. Encourage clear pronunciation through fun activities and examples. Bingo, tongue…

babies in a play date

Tips for play dates

Key points: Establish clear ground rules for behavior and play during the gathering. Provide healthy, protein-rich snacks to keep the…

curiosity and learning: little boy playing with flowers outdoors

What is curiosity in children?

Children are born curious and as they grow their curiosity and learning grow with them. Curiosity has been characterized as…

mom walking her children to school

5 back to school tips

Key points: Setting up expectations can help make the transition back to school stress-free for children. Using positive language and…

mom and little girl plating seeds in plastic cups

Tips for school holidays

Key points: School break activities are vital for stimulating and entertaining your child. Tips include maintaining a schedule, planning daily…

father tickling his daughter

Happy father’s day

Key points: Fathers have a unique role in their child’s life, providing emotional support and promoting inner growth and strength,…

parallel play

What is parallel play?

Key points: Parallel play is a normal stage in a child’s development, where they play on their own but near…

baby girl covering her face with her hat

What makes a child shy? Part II

Key points: The origins of shyness can be found in the temperamental reactivity of infants and the responsiveness of their…

little boy pretending to mow the lawn as his father

Why does your child imitate you?

Key points: Imitation plays a crucial role in a child’s socio-emotional development, influencing their habits, expressions, points of view, word…

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