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Tag: developing independence


parents chasing after their baby

Tips for our spirited toddlers

1. Run ‘em out Spirited toddlers have more energy to burn and when they are able to release that extra…

Woman introducing solids to babies

A speechy start to solids

Introducing solids to a baby is very exciting. And since we use the same parts of our mouth for eating…

child playing with wooden toys

Benefits of wooden toys

Key points: Play is an excellent way for children to learn, and wooden toys are a great option for open-ended,…

little boy surrounded by numbers

Math skills 36-48 months

Key points: Children at this stage have developed basic math skills and are starting to understand the concepts of parts…

little boy laughing and playing with an abacus

Math skills 24-36 months

Key points: Children develop number awareness by recognizing numbers, understanding how counting works, and learning one-to-one correspondence. Sorting and classifying…

little boy stacking blocks

Math skills 12-24 months

Key points: Early mathematical concepts in children are developed through their routines, experiences, and interactions with their environment and caregivers….

baby inside a present box

Math skills 0-12 months

Key points:1. Babies start developing math skills from birth, recognizing quantities and patterns.2. Early math concepts like “more” and “enough”…

mom holding her baby's hands while walking on the beach

Benefits of walking

Key points:1. Walking is a significant step toward independence for your child.2. As they become more mobile, they develop curiosity…

baby girl standing up while holding her father's hands

What makes your little one walk?

Key points:1. Learning to walk typically takes around 12 months, as many skills and muscles need to develop first.2. Strong…

baby standing up and supporting himself on a stool

When do babies stand up? – Part 2

Key points:1. Your baby can stand while holding onto objects between 10-12 months.2. They’ll briefly stand with your help, enhancing…

little girl with binoculars in the woods

Benefits of outdoor play 

Key points: Outdoor environments provide children with space and opportunities to engage in free play, develop their self-identity and independence,…

little girl brushing her teeth

Hand coordination: 36-48 months

Key points: Children around the age of four develop increased control over their fine motor skills, including hand coordination and…

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