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Learn all about your pregnancy in the prenatal category, with articles related to prenatal stimulation, exercise, nutrition, well-being, and more.

couple hugging each other in bed

Sex during the second trimester

During the second trimester, intimacy with your partner could become more comfortable. During this period, your body will be more

couple lying on a bed

Sex during the first trimester

Is having sex during pregnancy dangerous? As long as your pregnancy is going well and smoothly, you’re able to have

pregnant woman holding a glass of juice

Caffeine intake and its risks

According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), caffeine intake must be limited to less than 200 mg

medicine for preeclampsia

Preclampsia: symptoms and risks

Preeclampsia can pose high complications during pregnancy as it is characterized by protein in urine and arterial hypertension. Approximately 5%

pregnant woman checking her sugar

Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes developed during pregnancy, especially during the third trimester. Having gestational diabetes means that

pregnant woman measuring the diameter of her belly

Weight gain during pregnancy

Your ideal weight during pregnancy is given by your Body Mass Index (BMI), which comes from your height and weight.

pregnant woman holding a glass of wine and a cigarette

Risks of alcohol during pregnancy

According to WHO (World Health Organization), around 276.000 newborns die each year due to some birth defect. The birth defects

pregnant woman holding a glass of water

Fluid retention

Why do we retain fluids during pregnancy and how can we prevent it? Swelling is common during the third trimester

pregnant woman drinking milk

Food for a restful sleep

Nowadays there are many distractions nowadays and bad habits that could really take a toll on the quality of your

tired pregnant woman holding her head

Fighting indigestion

Your body goes through a wide range of changes during pregnancy, including hormonal fluctuation. This causes your body and digestive

grilled salmon

The benefits and risks of fish

It’s recommended that pregnant women eat food rich in omega 3, bit it’s also important to avoid seafood with high

sausages and a beer

Foods to avoid

When it comes to your diet during pregnancy it’s recommended to eat certain foods and avoid others since their consumption

pregnant woman holding a tomato

Portion control

Minding quantity and quality of the food you eat during pregnancy is important. Calculating portions could be tricky if you


Hooray for Vitamin B!

Enjoy the benefits of what you eat! Foods that are rich in nutrients are key to your physical and mental

different types of grains

The importance of folic acid

The consumption of folic acid is considered a must by doctors, is recommended by the media and widely known amongst

the four types of foods: protein, carbs, fats and vegetables and fruits

Nutrition: quality vs quantity

Quality comes before quantity. It’s very important to pay attention to your diet’s quality before and during pregnancy since the

adult cutting tomatoes for a salad

Nutrition: 2 for 1

In order to take care of your health, you must be mindful of the things you eat. In this stage

woman having nausea

Nausea-proof habits

Is nausea keeping you from enjoying your food? Don’t worry! Feeling nauseous is completely normal during the first trimester since

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