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Learn all about your pregnancy in the prenatal category, with articles related to prenatal stimulation, exercise, nutrition, well-being, and more.

baby in womb

Intrauterine growth

Intrauterine growth is composed of two stages: embryo growth and fetal growth. Your baby’s development in the womb is defined

pregnant woman's belly showing a baby's footprint

My baby’s first kicks

When will you feel your baby’s first kicks? You could feel your baby’s first kicks around the second trimester. If

partner touching pregnant woman's belly

The importance of prenatal stimulation

Prenatal stimulation includes a set of techniques that optimize your baby’s development through outside stimulation from movement, sounds, and vibrations.

pregnant woman in a doctor's appointment

Necessary prenatal tests

Your doctor will ask for a series of tests during your pregnancy to make sure everything’s running smoothly. These tests

woman in a doctor's appointment

First doctor’s appointment

Once you suspect you are pregnant, you should attend to your gynecologist between weeks 6 and 9 for your first


Benefits of prenatal yoga

Expectant mothers go through a lot of hormonal, emotional and physical changes in a short period of time. Prenatal yoga

pregnant woman maditating

Preparing your body for birth

According to the experts, exercising before your baby is born can change your experience when giving birth. There are some

pregnant woman doing yoga

Quality not quantity

Exercise is key to stay emotionally and physically healthy. It has plenty of benefits, but to obtain them, it’s important

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