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Learn all about your pregnancy in the prenatal category, with articles related to prenatal stimulation, exercise, nutrition, well-being, and more.

two pregnant women smiling

The importance of Kegel exercises

What are the Kegel exercises and what are its benefits? Kegels are exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, prepare

pregnant woman doing yoga

Exercising: Quantity vs Quality

Pregnancy is a period filled with new sensations and experiences since your body is in constant change. This new transition

pregnant woman preparing for pilates

Exercise: Take it easy

Constant and moderate exercising during pregnancy is very beneficial for your body and your baby’s development. When you engage in

pregnant woman with back pain

Backache during pregnancy

Now that your baby is bigger and stronger, you might’ve felt a kick or two. Each day your baby’s growing

pregnant woman lifting her hips while lying down

Exercising during pregnancy

Regular exercise is a great way to stay healthy and feel good during pregnancy. It can help relieve back pain

couple making a family budget

False expectations

A lot of couple’s feuds come up due to false expectations. Most people have very high expectations of their partner

couple sharing a moment during winter

Promoting respect in the family

After a baby’s arrival, new responsibilities can cause an increase tension and arguments within couples. Tension can even get so

woman speaking on the phone and holding her baby

Balance: work vs family

Nowadays, women have been able to climb to pretty important positions in big companies. Each day, more and more women

parents kissing their baby's head

Shared responsibility

A baby’s birth brings so many changes in the lifestyle and routine of a couple, especially since this new member

parents holding their daughter's hand while walking

Parenting styles

Due to recent scientific discoveries about human development, we now know how important the first years of life really are.

woman hugging her legs

Self-care and vaginal infections

There’s a group of controlled microorganisms (good bacteria) that reside in the vagina to maintain an adequate pH level, and

couple decorating baby's room


There are many different types of interactions within couples; those who are always together, those who constantly fight, those who

crying newborn checked by doctor

Circumcision: risks and benefts

Circumcision is a surgical procedure in which the foreskin, the skin that protects the penis from dryness and irritation, is

woman holding her newborn

Birthing methods

There are different ways to give birth. Natural birth is the traditional way, in which the high levels of oxytocin

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