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main bedroom

Relaxing environment

Pregnancy is accompanied by a bunch of changes in lifestyle, routines, habits, relationships and, last but not least, your home.

food poisoning pregnancy

Food poisoning during pregnancy

If you eat something contaminated with a bacteria, virus or toxin and experience nausea, vomiting or diarrhea you may have

pregnant woman holding a fruit in front of the fridge

Pregnancy nutrition myths debunked

Thanks to the media or even our well-meaning family and friends, we are surrounded by myths regarding health, pregnancy, delivery

a smiley face drawn on a pregnant woman's belly

My baby’s brain and me

“Behavior doesn’t begin at birth, it begins before and develops in predictable ways.” Janet DiPietro, Department of Maternal and Child

pregnant woman massaging her belly with oils

Bonding with your little one

You’ve probably heard a thousand times that there’s nothing like the bond that forms between a mom and her baby.

baby smiling to her parents and grandparents

Dealing with the in-laws

Whether you’re a first-time parent or you have a bit more experience, your little one is a wonderful addition to

baby's room

Your baby’s nursery

One exciting thing you can do during your pregnancy is start preparing your baby’s nursery for his arrival. Maybe you

a couple complaining about cleaning the house

Division of labor

A big part of having a newborn is all the new chores that come with them. Sharing or not sharing

pregnant woman and partner watching a tablet

Empathy: the new golden rule

How many of us are truly and sincerely empathetic? Sure, we’ve heard what it means at least a dozen times,

pregnant woman's belly

The harsh truth behind pregnancy

One harsh truth about your pregnancy is that you may experience constant bloating and have gases. Your digestive system slows

pregnant woman with a flu

Allergies during your pregnancy

Some women already suffer from seasonal allergies, which may increase or decrease in intensity during their pregnancy. For others, it

pregnant woman stretching her back

Exercising no-no’s

Even though we’re huge advocates for exercising during pregnancy, there are certain things that should definitely be avoided during this

pregnant woman exercising arms with weights

Why you SHOULD workout

It’s astonishing that even now, knowing what we know about the endless benefits that exercise has on your health and

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