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pregnant woman with back aches

Breathe in, breathe out

Everyone is afraid of the unknown. Some of us feel more fear than others, and pregnant women (especially first-time moms)

pregnant woman reading in bed

Happy healthy pregnancy

Being pregnant involves a great deal of physical, hormonal and emotional changes. It might even be one of the most

smiling newborn

Your baby remembers

Contrary to popular belief, your baby’s not born as a blank slate, but has the ability to remember experiences they

a piggy bank

Creating baby’s budget

One common stressor amongst expecting parents is thinking how much the family finances will change with another person in the

little boy talking to his father

Parenting styles (part I)

We’ve heard a thousand times about the different parenting styles that are out there, maybe we even encountered first-hand a

pregnant woman and her partner

Five Love Languages

Up until now, you’ve been living with certain family dynamics, but in these last few months they may have taken

pregnant woman on a plane

Traveling safely

Your body is, at least for these nine months, not just your body anymore. You’re carrying your little one and

pregnant woman holding a teddy bear

Sleeping for two

It’s quite common to experience changes or disturbances in your sleeping patterns during your pregnancy. According to the National Sleep

pregnant woman riding a stationary bike

Cycling in your pregnancy

It’s common for women who love exercise to instantly find out information about workouts and their effects on their pregnancy. With

pregnant woman running

Running in your pregnancy

With the healthier lifestyle hype we’re currently in, running has become a go-to sport for a lot of people. With

trainer helps pregnant woman stretch at the gym

Warming up and cooling down

Warming up and cooling down is actually a big deal and we don’t stop to think about it because we’re

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